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Service-learning refers to an education method in which learning happens in combination with providing service to society. This is a learning experience while doing work for society. Students are a part of service-learning. They apply the classroom knowledge in the service projects. They work with the local agencies that are already working for the community to bring positive change. 

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Service-learning means the combination of the formal education that we take in school and colleges, and applying them in a service-oriented way. It requires students to showcase their knowledge and connect it with the emotions and needs of society. 

The person has to apply the intellect and have a personal passion for this work. The student’s environment should motivate and empower them to search for their passion and work to address real-world problems. It is a process that provides a learning experience, develops a personality, and ensures cognitive development too. 

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In the classroom, they learn theory and connect passion and real-world problems. These ideas are then implemented to solve the existential issues of society and bring positive change. 

The main idea of service-learning is to bring positive change to society. 

For example – Students in an environmental science class can plant trees and grasses with a preservation group to gain knowledge about ecological communities, diversity, environmental degeneracy, etc.

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology