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SERB stands for Science and Engineering Research Board. It is a statutory body that was established through an Act of Parliament. The primary and most fundamental mandate of the SERB is to support basic research in emerging areas of Science & Engineering.

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The structure of the board, with both administrative and financial powers vested in the same, would enable the passing of quicker decisions on research issues, thereby greatly improving the responsiveness to the genuine needs of the research scientists as well as the science and technology system. 

SERB supports research in the most frontier areas of science and engineering. A regular faculty member or researcher in a research institution or simply an academic institution can seek research support as a means of carrying out his or her research. The board will also give special attention to young scientists who are under the age of 35 years to undertake independent research in nascent as well as frontier areas of science and engineering. 

High priority areas are supported by the board through the “Intensification of Research in High Priority Area “(IRHPA) Program. It confers the JC Bose National Fellowship on scientists and engineers for their contributions and outstanding performance. It also offers the Ramanujan Fellowship for brilliant scientists and engineers from across the globe to take up scientific research positions in India, especially those who want to return to India from abroad. 

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The Board also provides financial assistance for research paper presentations in international scientific events such as conferences, seminars, symposiums, workshops, etc. held abroad. The board extends partial financial support for organizing scientific events, both National and International, in the country but this is strictly on a selective basis.

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