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Sensitivity Training

Sensitivity training is a psychological technique that makes use of intensive group discussions and interactions in order to improve the empathetic sensitivity to others as well as the metacognition of the individual’s own prejudices. Generally what happens is that an unorganized meeting is held between the members of different abilities, races, ages, and genders in a workplace.

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Therefore, a passive teacher will have to create a safe space for participants in order to discuss different issues and create good interpersonal relationships among them. Workplace sensitivity training is not just specific to topics such as preventing sexual harassment or discrimination but also includes training as to how to improve emotional intelligence, deal with personalities that are intentionally or conditionally different, or even something simple as gossip.

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Sensitivity training is for teachers to be made more aware of their own prejudices and help them get more sensitive towards others within the workspace. It is not just for people who have behavior problems within the workplace or offices that experience harassment or discrimination incident. It should become an ongoing effort as a means of improving the environment within the office and is an important part of an organization’s culture.

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