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Senior Secondary

Senior Secondary 

A middle school is a place where students go after completing primary school. Senior secondary education serves as the link between primary education and higher education. Primary education aims to educate students with the basic knowledge of education. Senior secondary education takes place when students are teenagers, so it is responsible for the growth and development of young students.

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The period 14-18 years old is a time when students develop well emotionally, physically, and mentally. During the high school years, the respective fields of study are divided into several streams such as science, business, and arts. Students can choose any field they are interested in and want to make a career out of by continuing their studies. The senior secondary school years are the last two years of secondary education. Students then enter the university for specific degrees like an engineer, doctor, CA, computer science, accounting, etc.

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Admission to secondary schools is carried out based on primary schools. If a student has completed elementary school, he or she is admitted to the high school. Some schools interview students before admission. Admission to high school is based on a percentage of your grades in class 10 of school. After completing high school, students can take various courses to ensure a bright and safe future for them. These are crucial years for every student who wants to get their dream course, all the students should take it seriously. Make proper study plans and follow them to improve academic performance. 

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