Senior Lecturer

A senior lecturer is a person who has contributed to the development and teaching in their department.  It is the position of a faculty in universities or similar institutions. It is an academic position. They have responsibilities like course administration, assessments, and at the time of designing a course, they come forward with their expertise. The senior lecturers are also the independent researchers of a particular discipline. 

This is one of the highest ranks in the teaching profession. The people who have experience, training, and competence in their field are eligible to get this rank. In North American universities, the rank of the senior lecturer is equal to the rank of an associate professor. 

The lecturers who are doing extensive research and teach students too, get to the senior position after several years. They will have responsibilities like administration, research, and leadership. In many universities, the rank of a senior is between a reader and a lecturer. In some universities, it is equal to a reader. The senior lecturer is more focused on teaching, and the reader is more focused on research work. 

The lecturer can be promoted to either a professor or a reader position. Different countries have different designations, or they have a different name for the same position.

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