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Special education is the method of providing education to the students in a way that addresses their differences, special needs, and disabilities. Special Educational Needs is the full form of SEN, it refers to the students with physical, learning, and developmental disabilities, behavioral, communication, and emotional disorders.

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The examples of SEN are communication, speech, language needs, behavioral, social, emotional difficulties, Moderate learning difficulties, Autistic spectrum conditions, and Specific learning difficulties. There are several benefits of SEN like students can enjoy gaining education and develop confidence because of individual learning. Special Education is vital for the students with special needs to receive proper education where disabilities can include developmental, mental, physical, and emotional. The most common special needs of the students are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, cognitive delays, social and emotional disorders, speech or language delays, emotional disorders, learning disabilities, and social disabilities.

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There are mainly four goals of special education, four goals are economic self-sufficiency, equality opportunities should be provided, full participation of all the students, and students with special needs should live independently. Five factors make special education special, five factors are limited English proficiency, Braille and students with blindness or visual impairment,  communication needs, and behavior. The most common five disabilities of students are Dyscalculia,  Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Dysgraphia, Dyslexia( it is the most common learning disability in the world), and Processing Deficits. Students with special needs may have been born with a terminal illness,  syndrome, profound cognitive impairment, and serious psychiatric problems. All students with disabilities need to have access to special education so that they can develop skills to adjust to society.

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