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A seminar is a form of academic instruction given by an academic or professional organization. The institute organizing the seminar expresses their views on various topics for seminar. Small groups come together to discuss crucial issues and see how they can change the actual scenario. It encourages group and individual participation and allows everyone to express their views.

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The word is derived from the Latin word seminarium, meaning “seed plot.” The purpose of this group activity is to offer an opportunity for individuals to interact with industry experts. It also helps students and encourages them to discuss and analyze a range of new materials, ideas and concepts together with the tutor. Various educational institutes also conduct seminars to strengthen their industry-academia relationship. However, these sessions differ from a conference.

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A conference is a large formal gathering of professionals who come together to discuss or talk about a specific topic or subject. In contrast, a seminar is an instructional event where one or more speakers express their views and provide information through lectures or general discussion. The speakers can choose seminar topics to get the information flowing in a particular direction.

Guests and other speakers do not take much time while express their views. A typical session lasts anywhere from 90 minutes to three hours. But organizers may conduct one-day events to cover more topics for seminar. This activity may have hundreds of participants at a time. However, it is an enriching experience for everyone. It is a place where questions are explored and views are debated.

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