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Self Reliant School Meaning

Self Reliant School Meaning

Self reliant school meaning is one of the most asked questions on the internet, and fairly so – with the slogan ‘Self Reliant school for Self Reliant India’, it is only natural to want to know what it means. 

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Ever since the Covid crisis, there has been an ongoing and continuous call for self reliance in India, and this self reliant school situation arose as a corollary to the same. Children need to take up studies into their own hands, making an active effort in their strive towards success and achievement in life.

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Only in this way can we make sure that we, as a country, can break free from the shackles of dependence on external forces. Self reliance in schools must be promoted with utmost vehemence and zeal because it will result in the next generation being aware of their responsibility of being a citizen of the country and they will be responsible enough to make the right decisions in life that will not only push the individual forward but also the nation as a whole. It is an important aspect of education for the future, and edtech is currently spearheading this movement. Maybe in the near future, we might see students understanding the importance of self reliance in their own right and pushing to achieve it with pride and determination which would ultimately be beneficial for all. 

However, students cannot become self-reliant on their own, they need to be trained. Here’s how teachers can help students can learn to be self reliant.

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