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Self Learning

Self learning is a skill that helps individuals in learning and understanding things on their own. It is defined as the process of gathering information, processing it, and retaining it without the assistance of another person. It is the learner’s obligation to learn and retain knowledge without the assistance of another human resource.

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It is a contemporary kind of virtual education that enables a person to educate oneself HTET skills and knowledge that will be useful in his daily activities It has not replaced the traditional instructional learning method, but rather has become an additional key that will open the doors of information to everyone who is interested in obtaining it. Here are some ways that can help the learners in improving self-learning for them-

Try taking initiatives- Self learning is only possible when an individual takes initiative and has a will to learn and grow. Taking initiatives and starting with the little things is a way in which students or learners can enhance their self-learning skills.

Try solving problems on your own- Learners should try to solve problems on their own, this will boost their confidence and will to practice self-learning. For example- If a student is solving mathematics questions, they should try to solve every question themselves, irrespective of how difficult the questions may seem to them.

It is an amazing skill that every learner should practice in order to ace their role.

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology