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Self Assessment

A self assessment is an assessment where a person evaluates their skills and knowledge in light of different circumstances. Self assessment can be personal, like in the case of introspection, or it can be professional, like in the case of an IQ test. A self assessment test is generally done by the person who wants to be assessed with the help of questions that make their vulnerabilities and strengths more prominent. 

These kinds of tests are quite easy to do – the questionnaires are almost always set beforehand and are tailored to a certain type of people. For example, a test that aims to check the personality type of a person, the test will be tailored towards all kinds of people. However, if a test aims to help a student find out what their emotional quotient is, they need to be tailored towards the particular age group of the students for optimal results. 

For such a test to be effective, it must take into account the following:

  • Interests – our likes and dislikes with respect to various activities make up our interests. People who share similar interests enjoy the same type of work. This can help in creating an assessment to assist people with career planning. 
  • Personality Type – Knowing what your personality type is can help you choose an occupation since some personality types are better suited for certain careers than others. 
  • Aptitude – The test must test your aptitude to help you decide what works best for you and what doesn’t. 

One of the main advantages of self assessment is that you can be your own critic and hence help people in determining their strengths and weaknesses on their own. 

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