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Components of SEL

SEL has five major components and they have been listed below. All activities related to SEL are intended to improve the following.

1.Self Awareness

To help students understand their own thoughts and feelings and channel these to make positive changes. This is one of the most important components. Only when students are fully aware of their thoughts, will they be able to improve their performance.

2.Self Management

After being aware of what they feel, it is important to be able to control these thoughts and emotions and SEL helps students to help manage the emotions. It teaches them how not to let emotions control them.

3.Interpersonal Skills

SEL talks about how to maintain healthy relationships and how to improve communication and interpersonal skills. It is a major component of the SEL  approach.

4.Social Awareness

Students need to be aware of their surroundings and the society that they belong to and SEL teaches them about the same.

5. Decision-Making Skills

By making students socially and emotionally aware, the SEL approach enables and empowers students to be able to make decisions and stand strong when faced with issues and problems.

The approach has many benefits and the main benefits have been listed above. It is important for schools and other educational institutions to understand that the students need knowledge and skills that go beyond the curriculum and syllabus. They need to be socially responsible and aware to be able to stand on their own and make important decisions. Student motivation is extremely important to ensure student success. Teachers should employ various teaching methods and strategies to ensure that their classroom is a safe space for learning.

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