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Secondary School Certificate

A secondary school certificate is achieved by students who pass the 10th class. The Secondary School Certificate is also known as the Matriculation exam. Students should prepare for their board exams very nicely to get a good score in secondary school certificate. 

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It is a public test held by educational boards in India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan for the successful completion of the secondary education exam in these countries. These are open to students in the tenth class. In England, it is equivalent to GCSE, and in the United States, it is equivalent to the first two years of high school.

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It is also known as the 10th Board Exam in India. It is a public examination for students in class 10 held by various educational boards such as CISCE, CBSE, and state boards. The state boards of education administer the 10th-grade exam, whereas the Central Board of Secondary Education administers the national exam. The tenth-grade exam is held once a year around March. Students from various educational boards may have varied 10th board exam syllabuses. Students should study for their board exams seriously with concentration. Percentage of class 10th matters a lot, if students score fewer marks then they will not get the desired stream in 11th.

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