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Scribe Meaning

Scribe Meaning

Scribe meaning is something that is quite often searched for in the context of education. A scribe in an exam is a person who writes a student’s examination for them if they are visually impaired. In some instances, the word ‘amanuensis’ is used instead of ‘scribe’. A  student will be assigned a scribe if he or she has difficulty in producing legible text.

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This could be due to several can be many different reasons for this e.g. dysgraphia, rheumatoid arthritis, visual impairment, or a temporary injury like in the case of a wrist sprain. The two main conditions of a scribe are to make sure that the student is not disadvantaged in comparison to his or her peers, nor are they provided with an advantage over the others. As is the case with all examinations, the objective is to make a true assessment of the student’s attainment.

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The handwriting of the scribe must be legible and written at a speed that is at least commensurate with the average adult speed which is approximately 25 words per minute over consistently long periods of time. Alternatively, the scribe should be able to touch type as well. The scribe needs to be fluent in the English language and has an acceptable standard of spelling and punctuation. The scribe should not have any uncorrected hearing impairment. It is important to make sure that the scribe should not have any personal interest in the success or otherwise of the student. 

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