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The word SCORM is the short form of the Sharable Content Object Reference Model. It is a way of constructing a Learning Management System (LMS) and training content.

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Sharable content object means the material for training is created online and later shared across systems. It defines how the content can be created and used in different contexts and systems. It is not the actual standard. There are already many standards in the industry. It only gives a reference to the existing standard and guides the developers on how to use them. 

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A sharable content object is a chapter, a module, or a page. It is the smallest piece of the content. It is independent, reusable, and is separately represented in a content table. 

It has a bookmark, completion status, and score.

SCORM has different versions that offer two things: the packaging of content and exchanging the data at run-time.  

Packaging means the content can be delivered in a physical sense. This contains all the details which are required by LMS, and without human intervention can launch it. This content is the answer to questions like, ‘what is the content name?’, etc.

Run-time communication can be defined as tracking and delivery.

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