Scientific Inquiry

Scientific inquiry refers to the research and study that scientists carry out. They perform all the research and gather evidence to prove/disprove the theory in question. The results derived from their research are made public so that others can study about that subject and know the things around the world. 

In scientific inquiry, we make use of the traditional processes. It also refers to the combination of these processes with critical thinking, scientific knowledge, and scientific reasoning, which is then used to develop scientific knowledge. 

There are two primary functions of this inquiry. First, it explains how to conduct a scientific inquiry. The second function is to explain why it is essential to arrive at knowledge at the end of the process. There is much more than the development of process skills to scientific inquiry. 

This includes observing, analyzing data, interpreting, inferring, questioning, classifying, measuring, and predicting. There is a specific order in which scientists use these steps to make an inquiry.

There are three types by which inquiry can be done and can develop explanations for the things you want to research. They are comparative investigation, descriptive investigation, and experimental investigation. This helps to give logical reasoning to the scientific questions.

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