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Science vs Commerce

Science vs Commerce 

Science and commerce are the most popular streams among the students of India, we can see students talking about science vs commerce a lot. If we start to think about science vs commerce, many points come to our mind.

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Firstly, both the streams are good and it depends on the student, their interest is what matters while choosing the stream. Many students are confused about what to take after class 10th boards. Students think that it is difficult to choose between them, but if they start thinking about what they like more, then there will be no confusion. Students often search the scope of different streams like what is the scope of science stream or commerce stream so you need to understand that if you have an interest in something and think that you can make a good career in that field, the scope will come to you automatically. Never think about the scope while choosing the subject, think about whether you can do it or not with interest. The subjects of science are Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics while the subjects of commerce are Economics, Business, Accounting, and Mathematics. Both the streams have interesting subjects, if you are interested in research work, discoveries, derivations, and more you can go for Science. If you are interested in marketing, businesses, accounting, and more go for commerce. 
So you can now understand which stream is better for you when you think about science vs commerce. 

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