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Science Notes

Science Notes

Making science notes will help students a lot while revision. Many concepts in science are difficult to understand, students will not face difficulty understanding them if they prepare proper notes of those concepts. Students should make flow charts, diagrams, and formulas in the notes. First, write the main heading and make subheadings, they should be written to the point. No more than two to three lines should be written under a subheading.

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If there is any concept that has many parts, prefer making a flowchart for better understanding. Connecting them with lines will help students to learn the parts very easily. Making science notes is not a difficult task, students just need to write the main points with diagrams and flowcharts. Students should take care that notes require to be revised again and again. All the things that students read can not be stored in their minds for a long time. So there is a requirement of revising the science notes regularly after a specific interval of time. Every time a student revises the notes, they will be able to understand the concept more nicely. The time required for the revision of the notes will decrease after every revision.

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Do not forget to leave space between the lines, even if a student does not have to show it to anyone but still proper presentation is mandatory. Students should write the answer in points in the exam to get better marks. Many students fail to have good presentation skills and their marks are deducted for that. If a student knows the answer, they should also know how to present it effectively. 

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