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Science fair

A science fair is typically a competitive exhibition of science projects usually prepared and presented by schoolchildren. It is hosted by schools worldwide. 

A science fair or exhibition’s distinguishing feature is that project entrants use the scientific method to test a hypothesis. Science fairs aren’t just demonstrations of projects or exhibits. Students show their science project findings in the form of a report, a display board, and/or model creations. Students in middle and high schools participate in scientific and/or technology activities during science fairs. 

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The objectives of science fairs are – promoting interest in science and technology among young students and encouraging students’ scientific and technological creativity and instilling pride in their abilities. 

A science exhibition is a wise investment of time and effort that pays off generously. It can open doors to career opportunities, improve speaking skills and increase scientific knowledge. The benefits of participating in a science exhibition are only limited by how much effort you put in.

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​​Participation in science helps distinguish students on college applications, they are able to network with their peers who have similar interests, and they also get an opportunity to earn significant prizes or qualify for scholarships.

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