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School Uniform

A school uniform is the kind of clothes that the students wear and go to school, college, or even university. The uniform for all the students in a school is same in terms of color code. However, it differes on the basis of gender. Generally, the make students of a school have to wear shirt, short pants, tie, shoes, socks, belt, as the school uniform in junior classes.

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Whereas, the female students of a school have to wear shirt, skirt, shoes, tie, socks, etc. as their uniform in the unior classes. The uniform for both boys as well as girls change when they reach the senior classes. Boys have to wear long pants and shirt to the institution as the uniform for school and girls have to wear kurta and salwar in the senior classes. Therefore, it can be said that both the genders have different uniforms for the school. There are various benefits of having a uniform for school. The main idea behind introducing the concept of uniforms was to make everyone feel equal or uniform as the name suggests. Irrespective of what the family background of a student is, they get an equal treatment in the school. The uniform also helps the student with a feeling that they are in a formal set up.

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