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School Teacher

School Teacher

A school teacher is someone who teaches in a school. There are various types of school teachers, like primary teachers or PRT teachers, TGT teachers, PGT teachers, etc. On the basis of their interest and qualifications, they are allotted classes to teach. For example- A PRT teacher will only be eligible to teach students of classes first to fifth.

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This totally depends on the interest, teaching experience, and qualification of a candidate. The aspiring teaching candidates or even existing teachers should focus on enhancing their skills in order to become good teachers. Teaching skills are the necessary set of actions or behaviors that makes the learning process easier for students and facilitate the smooth functioning of a classroom.

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These can vary from communication to classroom management to conflict resolution. Here are some skills that teachers should definitely develop-

  1. Communication and Interpersonal skills
  2. Organization and Alignment
  3. Time management and Multitasking
  4. Conflict Management
  5. Creative Thinking and Innovation
  6. Control and Leadership
  7. Technological Skills
  8. Teamwork
  9. Patience
  10. Self-Evaluation

In order to become a teacher, a candidate should also hold relevant knowledge and experience. Candidates can pursue courses like BTC, B.ED, B.P.Ed, etc in order to gain relevant knowledge and good teaching experience.

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