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School of Excellence

A School of Excellence is used to accurately and quantitatively demonstrate that students are achieving in par with or above their capacity to learn. Standardized tests aren’t the perfect model to test students, but it is part of the portfolio of methods that are used to document levels of mastery. A School of Excellence has eighty percentage or more high-performing faculty. A school is only as efficient as its ability to recruit and retain the most effective teachers. Faculty is one of the highest priorities in a school, making its importance in such a school extra important.

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They have a sustaining school board that exercises best practices in governance, leadership, and learning consistently. The board offers viability, visibility, and vision for the school, hence maintaining a healthy, supportive relationship with the administration. A School of Excellence will be able to achieve at least ninety percent of student re-enrollment, hence sustaining a high degree of momentum with families that actively create word-of-mouth marketing which will in turn attract new students towades the school.

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Such a school will also have an operational plan to achieve sustainability and scalability. Economies of scale are used to reduce expenses appropriately, and quality standards are measured and established throughout the organization to continuously improvement.

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology