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School Manager

School Manager

A school Manager is someone who takes care of the day-to-day functioning of the activities that happen within a school. The responsibilities of such individuals include tasks like taking care of the funds, making sure that everything runs smoothly, ensuring discipline in the school, and ensuring the safety of both the students as well as teachers. Keeping a check on school infrastructure, maintenance, and reporting to the higher authorities is also included. Small tasks like providing a hygienic school environment are also a part of the responsibilities of a good school manager. Organizing competitions, activities, school trips, and picnics need to be taken care of by the school manager. 

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A school management committee (SMC) is a group of people who are responsible for overseeing the governance of a school. School management committee are typically made up of parents, teachers, community members, and representatives from the school board.

Some of the responsibilities of School management committee includes:

  • Developing and approving the school’s budget
  • Setting school policies and procedures
  • Monitoring student progress

School management committee plays an important role in ensuring that schools are accountable to the community and that they are providing a high-quality education to all students.

There are many advantages to having a school manager, including:

  • Improved efficiency and effectiveness: A school manager can oversee all aspects of the school’s operations, which can lead to improved efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Increased focus on academics: A school manager can free up teachers to focus on teaching and learning by taking on administrative tasks and other tasks.
  • Better communication and collaboration: A school manager can help to improve communication and collaboration between teachers, parents, and students. This helps in improving the interaction as well.
  • Increased accountability: A school manager is accountable to the school board and the community for the success of the school. The growth of the school depends on the school manager.

Providing the best learning environment to the students remains the top priority of these school managers. They make sure to take necessary actions in that direction. Any individual within the school, teachers, or students can with ease connect to the school managers in case they have any issues, worries, feedback, suggestions, or complaints.

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Since such individuals are responsible for making strong decisions at times and managing large populations and tasks at a single time, there are a few qualities that such professionals should have. Let us understand the top qualities of a good manager:

1- Patient: the school management committee should ensure to be cooperative and patient. 

2- Good listener: listening to the teachers, higher authorities, students’ issues, and parents’ expectations, and needs is important. 

3- Quick decision-maker: effective decision-making and problem-solving skills should be there. 

4- Fair: school managers should focus on being wise, optimistic and making fair decisions 

5- Responsible: accountability skills for school management are significant. 

6- Communication: school managers should have effective communication skills so that they can interact with the stakeholders. 


1- Who is a school manager?

Answer- A school Manager is someone who takes care of the day-to-day functioning of the activities that happen within a school. Keeping a check on teachers’ performance, and cooperating with the higher authorities are some key functions that the school management committee has to perform. 

2- What is the salary of a school manager?

Answer- Such professionals can expect a salary between 40,000 INR to 1,00,000 INR depending upon the policies of the school.

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3- How to work for effective school management? 

To manage the school well, using a school management system is highly advisable. By using this technology, the school’s major administrative and academic tasks can be automated. The school managers can keep a digital check on attendance, admission, fees, academics, exams, and transport processes.

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