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School Drama

A school drama can be defined as any drama that involves students studying at school. It can be for school annual day, interschool festivals, or for inter-house competitions within the school. It is simply a drama that has school students enacting the roles of the characters and which is being conducted within the confines of the school. 

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A school drama usually does not have the resources or funding that dramas generally have because the actors (and sometimes also the writers) are students and they might not be able to or not know how to manage the money required. All the props and costumes are either provided by the school or sourced from elsewhere. If the school is not able to source the materials required, they will either create the props and costumes themselves or get someone else to do it for them. 

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The story for such a drama is hardly ever written specifically for the same – it is usually borrowed from another play or a short story is appropriated into a drama. The idea behind a school drama is not to make them future students of theatre, it is rather a way to introduce them to the ways of theatre and promote students who have an innate ability or interest to act. It is a great way to make students take part in extracurricular activities.

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