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School Diary

The simple school diary meaning is a notebook that also acts as a reminder or to-do list for students. A school diary is an integral part of the school system and has been so for a long time. It is a source of information for students and parents, as well as a mode of communication between the school, students, and parents. That is all schools provide students with a school diary. In addition, students are expected to bring their diary to school and maintain it regularly.

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A diary will have all the personal details of a student such as their name, address, blood group,  class, and information regarding their parents, including contact details. This information is helpful in the event of a sudden emergency. A school diary will also have information about:

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  • The curriculum followed by the school
  • The school’s code of conduct
  • Timetable to be followed by the students
  • Extra-curricular activities the school promotes
  • Rules & regulations to be followed by the students
  • A calendar for the entire school year with all the holidays marked
  • An overview of the school, details of the staff members 

A diary might also contain (depending on the school) spaces where students can note down important information given by the school. It can also be used by students to write homework and the instructions that are given by the teacher. 

Why should students carry their diaries with them to school? One reason is that teachers can make use of the diary to contact the parents of a student in case of an emergency or if the student is misbehaving. They can also use it to send notes to parents concerning important updates about the school, class, or student. It also contains the contact details of all the staff members, so if the parents want to contact a teacher, their number is readily available to them. 

What is a School Diary App?

Now, that you know the traditional school diary meaning, know about the school diary app. The school diary app is the digital version of the traditional physical diary but with more advanced features. The diary app is digitized version of the diary which can be installed on mobile or PC and works as a digital reminder for students, teachers, and parents. Usually, this app comes integrated with the ERP or LMS system used by the schools for online teaching; however one can also install just the school diary app too. There are several benefits to using a school diary app, some of them are:

  • Offline & Online Functionality- This app works for both, offline and online classes, teachers can update any information on the diary app and students can check it on their mobile easily.
  • Less Paper Wastage- Printing hundreds and thousands of school diaries to just write notes and homework seems like a waste of paper. Using the school diary app saves paper. 
  • Multimedia Option- Unlike traditional diaries, the school diary app can be used to send multimedia files like PDFs, voice notes, and images. Making it easier for teachers to share notes, homework files, forms, etc.    

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