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School Certificate

School Certificate 
A school certificate is issued to a student who has passed a state examination equivalent to the GCSE SC. A high school certificate is a document of a student’s academic background and is issued when a student wants to transfer to a new school or needs to go to college. The Certificate of Secondary Education, also known as SSC is a national exam in India, administered by the Board of Education to successfully pass secondary education exams in these countries.

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SSC stands for Certificate of Secondary Education and HSC stands for Certificate of Higher Secondary Education. An Academic Certificate is proof that a  student has passed an exam administered by an educational institution. A school certificate also includes information about a student who has an academic background and is issued by an educational institution. School certificate certifies that a student has studied and passed an exam administered by the institution.

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On the other hand, a certificate of authenticity shows that the student is associated with a particular educational institution. HSC is an internationally recognized certificate that provides a solid foundation for students seeking higher qualifications, training, or employment. The Advanced Professional Certificate is designed to help professionals improve their performance and become more competitive in their field. In many other countries, a certificate is a qualification for higher education. School certificates are always beneficial for students, it shows the qualifications and skills of a student. For further studies, there is a requirement that students have these certificates.

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