School Assembly

The school assembly is generally conducted in the morning before the classes begin for the students. It is a meeting, association, or gathering of all or part of a school for the purpose of special programming or information dissemination. Students assemble in certain schools to sing a common hymn or pray together, as well as to hear shared announcements. In such gatherings, a routine attendance check may be conducted. The assembly is conducted to give all the students a chance to showcase their abilities. Generally, different classes get a chance to conduct the assembly per week. The whole process is also divided into various other parts like a moral value thought, thought of the day, news reading, etc. It is generally conducted in the school ground, and in some schools that ground itself is known as a ground for assembly. This assembly takes place in the morning hours of the school. Having a good ground for assembly helps the schools in coming the list of a good school. Here are a few qualities of a good school-

1- The schools should have a big and comfortable classrooms.

2- The schools should have a ‘no-bully’ policy to make the students feel secured.

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