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Scholasticism Meaning

Scholasticism Meaning

Scholastic Meaning refers to the system of theology and philosophy taught in medieval European universities, based on Aristotelian logic. Scholasticism meaning in simple words refers to a way of thinking and teaching knowledge.

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It was the intellectual life of the later middle ages that dominated. It was primarily to credit for the establishment of universities. Scholasticism had a specific goal, a limited subject matter, and a successful consequence in the development of specific abilities, as well as a unique method or form of intellectual activity. Scholasticism’s educational goals were to enhance disputation skills and formalize knowledge seeking.

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Scholastic training sought to develop the ability to formulate beliefs into a logical framework, as well as the ability to articulate and defend such assertions of views against any and all arguments. Scholastic education was designed to systematize information and give it a scientific form. However, knowledge was initially of a theological and philosophical nature to the scholastic mentality. Scholasticism is a learning tool and method that emphasizes dialectical reasoning in order to answer questions or resolve contradictions.

Scholasticism is more of a method of learning than a philosophy or theology because it emphasizes dialectical reasoning to extend knowledge through inference and overcome inconsistencies. The rigorous conceptual examination and the careful drawing of distinctions are also hallmarks of scholarly thought. The scholastics were criticized by humanists for focusing on legal, logical, and rationalistic issues at the cost of actual moral and ethical difficulties.  Scholasticism is a method of critical thought which dominated teaching by the academics of medieval universities.

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