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The word scholastic refers to or is concerned with learning and school.  When there is a discussion about the same, people talk about test marks and grades. If you are explaining to someone about your challenges, you are telling them about the subjects you find difficult. 

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In the US, there is an entrance exam SAT – Scholastic aptitude test. The word came from the Latin word scholasticus that means “of a school.” The root of this word is from the Greek word scholastikos, which means “devoting one’s leisure to learning.”

The scholastic person pays more attention to book learning and formal rules than merit. 

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The other words for the same are pedant, bookworm, etc. 

The scholastic activities relate to school education; they may be inside or outside the school. These activities are a part of the curriculum. There are different definitions of the word. According to some researchers, scholastic means a practice that affects a student’s psychological, mental, social, and kinetic performance. It is a widely used term.

The school administration and teachers guide students in performing such activities. These activities help students to develop understanding morally, physically, etc. These activities help them to explore new areas in their life.

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology