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Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

The term scholarship of teaching and learning means a systematic and rigorous inquiry into one’s learning and teaching process with an objective to improve the same. It is a type of scholarship having the same importance as traditional academic research. 

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The activities associated with the scholarship of teaching and learning are experimentation, exploration, dissemination of results, etc. All the disciplines of academics, irrespective of the field of education, have to conduct these activities

In the scholarship of teaching and learning, the post-secondary teachers inquire about the process of teaching and learning in the context of higher education. It can also be explained as the systematic study of learning and teaching and which include conducting a review of the work through performance, presentations, and finally, publications. 

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The main aim behind all these is to improve the quality of education and improve the process of student learning. In this, professionals are being invited to examine the classroom practice, make a record of failures and success, and share the data. This data is then used to find the faults or gaps in the teaching and learning process and improve them.

There are four types of this scholarship.

  • Scholarship of application
  • Scholarship of discovery
  • Scholarship of teaching
  • Scholarship of integration

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