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Scantron refers to a testing method. This method uses optical mark recognition (OMR). In scantron, a light comes from a scanner, strikes on a paper, and identifies the dark marks on it. In any exam, the students have to mark answers on a sheet of paper. These sheets have few questions and four or five options as answers to these questions. The students have to encircle and darken one bubble that they think is the correct answer. 

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Scantron, the answer sheet, is scannable. This answer sheet is scanned under a machine and the dark bubbles are identified. More than 105 countries are using scantron. The use of this method is still growing. This testing method helps and allows teachers to gather content from different sources. The sources are material from textbooks, banks, custom items, and many more.  

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The tool, scantron, measures knowledge of different subjects. The testing tool is for students from kindergarten -12th and higher education. 

There are different types of scantron sheets. 

One is an orange half-sheet. In this sheet, there are 96 items and have up to five responses.

The second one is a green full-sheet. There are 170 items in this sheet and have up to five responses.

The last one is a brown full-sheet. The sheet has 100 items and has up to 10 responses.

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