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संधि – Sandhi

संधि is one of the most searched words on the internet, a lot of people ask for the meaning of संधि. Sandhi (sam + dhi) is a Sanskrit word that meaning ‘joining’ or ‘melding.’ Sandhi is the disorder (change) that results from the mutual conjunction of two adjacent characters.

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The disturbance caused by the combination of vowels or letters is known as sandhi in Sanskrit, Hindi, and other languages. Sandhi is further divided into three parts-

सन्धि तीन प्रकार की होती हैं –

  1. स्वर सन्धि
  2. व्यञ्जन सन्धि
  3. विसर्ग सन्धि
    Here are a few examples of संधि-

अ + अ = आ – पुष्प + अवली = पुष्पावली

अ + आ = आ – हिम + आलय = हिमालय

आ + अ = आ – माया + अधीन = मायाधीन

आ + आ = आ – विद्या + आलय = विद्यालय

इ + इ = ई – कवि + इच्छा = कवीच्छा

इ + ई = ई – हरी + ईश = हरीश

इ + इ = ई – मही + इन्द्र = महीन्द्र

इ + ई = ई – नदी + ईश = नदीश

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उ + उ = ऊ – सु + उक्ति = सूक्ति

उ + ऊ = ऊ – सिन्धु + ऊर्मि = सिन्धूमि

ऊ + उ = ऊ – वधू + उत्सव = वधूत्सव

ऊ + ऊ = ऊ – भू + ऊर्ध्व = भूल

ऋ+ ऋ = ऋ – मात + ऋण = मातण
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