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SAMS Odisha

SAMS Odisha

Odisha Student Learning Management System supports admission in online mode. Student enrollment to Junior (+2) and Diploma (+3) Colleges is done in an offline mode, where students have to go to each college to apply for admission. We can take an example like if a student wants to enroll in five colleges then has to go to all colleges which turns out to be a difficult task for the student. Looking at the level of effort and cost involved in the offline admission process, an online (web-based) admission process has been planned by the Ministry of Higher Education.

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This system was later named the Student Learning Management System which is commonly referred to as SAMS Odisha. This initiative was launched in 60 Junior Colleges. After good closing feedback from universities and students, all middle school and graduate students came to SAMS Odisha, this was approved by the  Odisha government. Vocational and Sanskrit educational institutions were also there.

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This admission process is done through the Internet and computer called e Admission. Currently, SAMS includes additional courses in addition to the above, that is, it includes correspondence, ITI, diplomas, teacher training, and physical education of different departments. In addition to admission, SAMS also maintains academic and financial records of each student admitted to various educational institutions. Students can easily apply for the courses online on SAMS Odisha. Students can save a lot of money as they do not have to go offline. That money can be used by the students to invest in a better place. 

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