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Salary of Assistant Professor in Government Colleges

The average salary of assistant professor in government colleges in India starts from an estimate of 3L to 9L. The salary of assistant professor in government colleges vary from the different statuses of different government colleges. Colleges in metropolitan cities having more facilities might pay their assistant professors more than what they might be paying in government colleges in urban areas.

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Under UGC an Assistant professor earns INR 47304 whereas an Assistant professor in Senior scale might earn a salary of INR 56K. Just as mentioned above, the salary of assistant professor in government colleges vary in different levels of seniority or the facilities from that particular college. Assistant professors are employed at colleges and universities where they teach and conduct research. They assist full professors, guide and supervise graduates and spend time conducting investigation and research and studies.

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They help the professors in building lesson plans and sometimes work as substitutes for them. The roles of an assistant professor also include recruiting, training and mentoring other junior staff. Assistant professors also take part in conducting research and publishing papers in academic journals. Other responsibilities of assistant professors include – representing the university at inter collegiate conferences and delivering presentations when required, providing demonstrations and supervising experiments and investigations, providing professors with different student progress. An assistant professor is mostly expected to have a Ph.D in the relevant academic field, he/she is also expected to have experience in the relevant field. After having experienced the position as an assistant professor, he/she can further be promoted to the position of an associate professor. The salary of an associate professor increases based on the seniority level from the salary of assistant professors in government colleges or be it private colleges. 

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