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Sage on the Stage

Sage on the stage is a teaching method of imparting knowledge by an educator. An educator, mostly at the post-secondary level, transfers knowledge by giving a lecture to the audience. The word sage means a profound person, and sage on stage refers to a profoundly wise person on the stage, delivering the lectures to their audience. 

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A sage on the stage teaches the students how to listen, process, and think on various topics. They use the model of one-way-communication while imparting the knowledge to their students. The concept of education of modern age is embraced by the sage of stage in certain ways. They are the key to offering quality and quantity. 

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The method of teaching is directed as the teacher-central model or traditional education. It is said that having wise people on stage is never a bad thing, as they never limit the student’s ability to learn effectively. Students are slated to take notes, memorise, and repeat the information given with their feedback.

 A person who is a sage on the stage also performs the role of a guide on the stage in the 21st century. The teacher is an authority in the classroom, but the one who deals with the students in a progressive way by encouraging them to be efficient in their studies. They offer help to the students in their classwork.

This method can also be referred to as a main or the central figure of the classroom. They are supposed to transfer their proficiency to the subject where the students will absorb the material passively. It is not harder to accomplish great things, as it believes that relationships are the core of powerful teaching and learning. They are profound people who enhance students’ learning and motivates them to perform better with good skills. 

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