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7th Pay Commission

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh sanctioned the formation of the 7th Pay Commission on September 25, 2013, according to then-Finance Minister P Chidambaram. Its recommendations are expected to be adopted on January 1, 2016. Teachers are chosen based on their credentials and expertise. After that, there are special educational programs lasting 1-2 years. Undergraduate program that prepares a candidate to teach.

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These include assisting candidates in learning how to work with children and students, as well as motivating them to learn in order to become experts in their fields. A bachelor’s degree in education with a minimum score of 50% is the minimal requirement for becoming a teacher. Teachers’ job is to mold students, thus they must have both the necessary qualifications and a desire to teach.

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The formal education of students is normally carried out by paid professional teachers in the majority of countries. There are numerous reasons to consider teaching as a career. According to the 7th pay commission the salary of the teachers will be increased and the teachers will be benefitted from this commission. Not only will the central government’s present working teachers in pre-primary, primary, secondary, and higher secondary schools, as well as retired teachers, receive a revamped pension system and additional pension benefits.

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