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What is BSER REET?

Rajasthan Eligibility Examination For Teacher (abbreviated REET) is a renowned state-level exam of Rajasthan to select teachers for classes I to VIII. 

The Board of Secondary Education, Rajasthan, BSER or RBSE is a school-level education board in Rajasthan. It was set up in 1957 and has its headquarters in Ajmer, Rajasthan. It is responsible for conducting the secondary level exams in state government schools. The goal is the promotion and development of secondary education in the state.

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BSER REET determines candidates’ eligibility for the post of a teacher in government schools of Rajasthan state. The candidates qualifying BSER REET can teach classes I to VIII.

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Exam Pattern

This exam takes place on two levels:

  • Level I is for classes 1 to 5
  • Level II is for classes 6 to 8

The candidates have 150 minutes to answer 150 questions. Level I paper consists of five parts, and Level II paper comprises four parts, of which parts 1-3 are compulsory. Question Papers are available in both Hindi and English language as per the suitability of the candidate. The mode of the exam is offline. The Candidates have to score a minimum of 60 percent marks to qualify for BSER REET.

Subjects for BSER REET

Studying thoroughly according to the syllabus will help the candidates secure good marks in the exam. Once you qualify, you will get a TET eligibility certificate. A BSER REET certificate has a validity of 3 years.

Level I and Level II subjects differ from each other. It depends on the level as well the subject chosen by the candidate to teach. Subjects that are common to both levels are:

  • Child Development & Pedagogy, 
  • Language 1 (Gujarati, Punjabi, Sindhi, Urdu, Sanskrit, English and Hindi)
  • Language 2 (Gujarati, Punjabi, Sindhi, Urdu, Sanskrit, English and Hindi)

Level 1 applicants have to study Mathematics and Environmental Science whereas Level 2 applicants have to study Science (only for Science teachers), Mathematics (only for Maths Teachers), and Social Science (only for Social Science Teachers).

Subject-wise tips to learn effectively

  • Child Development and Pedagogy: Have a thorough understanding of all the topics of this subject. No one topic weighs over another. All the topics are important. 
  • Language 1 & 2: Language is comparatively easier for all the subjects. Practice composition and comprehensions to gain command over the chosen language. 
  • Social Science/Science/Mathematics: Read the NCERT/CBSE books, cover all the topics. Understand basics and their application. Refer Question Papers of other states’ TET exams.
  • Environmental Science: As it is an easy subject, with a little effort, the candidate can score well in this subject. 

BSER REET Qualifying Strategy

Now the question arises, how to learn effectively to clear BSER REET? The candidates can read the tips and tricks to prepare accordingly for different sections of the exam. They can also go through few general BSER REET preparation tips.

Some tips on how to learn effectively are:

  • Understand exam patterns and syllabus.
  • Collect study material from trusted sources according to the level of the exam.
  • Focus on the important and scoring sections like Child Development and Pedagogy.
  • Make handwritten notes.
  • Do not hoard books! Get a book that covers the entire topic in detail.
  • Devise a study plan and stick to it. 
  • Solve at least 2-3 sample papers of BSER REET daily and track progress.
  • Practice as many previous year question papers as you can.
  • Learn time management. Set a timer while solving sections in the question paper.
  • Attend the paper strategically. Attend questions according to their complexity, starting with the easiest.
  • Learn short tricks, especially for subjects like Mathematics. 
  • Analyze your performance.
  • Regular revision is the key!
  • Practice, practice, and practice!

BSER REET is a relatively easier exam to crack. The candidate must know how to learn effectively and strategically according to the syllabus, exam pattern, scoring sections and important topics. They should complete the entire syllabus and are advised not to leave any topic.

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