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When starting philosophy, it is important to understand rationalism meaning. Rationalism is the epistemological view that considers reason to be the chief source and test of knowledge, or in other words, it is any view that appeals to reason as the source of knowledge or its justification. In a more formal sense, rationalism may be defined as the methodology or theory in which the criterion for truth is an intellectual and detective one rather than a sensory one. 

Rationalism argues that the objective truth is the only truth and only those things that the intellect can grasp should be considered as truths. They asserted that certain principles of rationality exist within the realm of ethics, mathematics, metaphysics, and logic which are so fundamentally true that denying them in any way, shape, or form would cause one to fall into contradiction. There are different opinions on the degree of emphasis that needs to be used in this method which led to a wide range of rationalist standpoints from the moderate position that logic should be given precedence over otherwise of gaining knowledge to the more extreme position that reason is the only back to knowledge.

Today there are many different types of specialized rationalism meaning that have been identified such as rationalist expressivism, rationalist pragmatism, and linguistic rationalism among others. 

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