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Probation Synonyms

Probation is a legal status where a person is given a suspended sentence or is released from custody but is required to follow certain conditions and restrictions as determined by a court or a probation officer. Probation is often used as an alternative to imprisonment for minor offenses, or as a way to monitor offenders who have served their sentence but are still considered a risk to society. Many words imply the same meaning as the probation synonyms.

There are many synonyms for probation, including parole, community supervision, conditional release, and supervised release. Parole is a type of probation where a person is released from prison before completing their full sentence and is required to follow certain conditions. Community supervision, on the other hand, refers to the supervision of individuals who have been sentenced to probation or released from prison.

Conditional release is similar to probation, but it typically applies to individuals who have been found not guilty by reason of insanity or have been deemed incompetent to stand trial. Supervised release is a federal program that applies to individuals who have been convicted of certain crimes and are released from prison but are still subject to supervision by a probation officer.

Regardless of the specific term used, probation generally involves some combination of restrictions on the individual’s behavior, such as mandatory drug testing, regular check-ins with a probation officer, and community service. The goal of probation is to help individuals stay out of trouble and reintegrate into society while also protecting public safety.

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