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Pomodoro Technique for Studying

Pomodoro Technique for Studying

The Pomodoro technique was devised by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1990s to improve a person’s productivity and improve themselves in every respect of the term. So what is the Pomodoro technique for studying?

First let’s talk about the Pomodoro Technique, and then discuss its implications in studies. It basically states that a big task can be broken down into a sequence of small evenly timed tasks with breaks in between. These short time intervals are called pomodoros, which is where the technique got its name. 

Practicing the Pomodoro technique in everyday life is quite easy. All you need for this is a timer. You can use your phone or computer to do the task of keeping time or set an alarm at equal intervals. The system works thus:

Choose the task or series of tasks you wish to accomplish. 

Set the timer to 25 minutes and work continuously until the timer goes off. It is important to note that you are doing this to increase your productivity, so avoid looking at the timer all the time. 

Once the timer goes off, get up and leave the area you are working in to take a break. Do not sit in the same place while taking this break. 

After 4 Pomodoro cycles (basically one hour), take a longer break of 20 minutes.

This technique is very efficient when it comes to task completion. The Pomodoro technique for studying is basically applying the same process mentioned above for students. It is a very useful technique for students to improve themselves. They can use this technique to study new concepts, practice new skills and improve focus and concentration. 

To learn more about the Pomodoro technique, click here.

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