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Polytechnic Entrance Exam

The polytechnic course is a common and most-loved course among science students. Most students take up this course to get technical knowledge and build a rewarding career in the technology field. However, admissions to colleges offering polytechnic courses are based on the polytechnic entrance exam. Many colleges conduct an entrance exam to check the knowledge of students willing to take up this course. 

Polytechnic is a professional course to be completed in three years. Here is a list of polytechnic entrance exam that students need to take to get admission to colleges offering this course. 

  • Assam PAT
  • Delhi CET
  • CG PPT
  • HP PAT
  • DCECE 
  • MP PPT

All of these polytechnic entrance exam are state-level exams. The state government notifies students about the tests through their official website. Eligible candidates can visit the website to get details and fill up the examination form. 

Many students get confused between polytechnic courses and B.Tech. However, both these courses are entirely different from each other. The major differences between these two courses are:

  • Polytechnic is a diploma course where B.Tech is a degree course. Students can check the colleges specializing in providing these courses.
  • The polytechnic course is completed in a time period of three years. In contrast, students take four-years to complete a B.Tech degree.
  • Polytechnic courses are less expensive than B.Tech. It is best suited for students willing to get technical expertise in a low budget. 

First, students need to know about the course and its eligibility criteria before filling up the polytechnic entrance exam form.

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