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Political Science Class 12

Political Science Class 12 is a crucial point for students who want to further choose political science in their degree. In Political Science Class 12, they will get an overview of the Political Theories and Polity in and around as a subject. Further if they choose to do Political Science as their Bachelors subject, it’ll be a great point as they’ll learn more about the subject and further they could broaden into sub-subjects like International Relations, International Institutions, Public Policy or Public Administration or Political theories when it comes to their choice in subject for their Masters program. In CBSE Political Science Class 12 can be divided into two parts, one part including the chapters like – Cold War Era, US Hegemony in World Politics, The End of Bipolarity, Contemporary South Asia, International Organizations, Alternative Centres of Power, Environment and Natural Resources. Globalization and Security in the Contemporary World, etc. The second part of Political Science Class 12 includes the chapters on Challenges of Nation – Building, the Crisis of Democratic Order, Regional Aspirations, The Rise of Popular Movements and Recent Developments in Indian Politics, etc. In Political Science Class 12, it is important that students concentrate of their units as many important aspects are taught, namely it educates about the emergence of two blocs, the USSR and the US after the second world war and the arenas of the cold war, detail study about the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Limited Test Ban Treaty and about the challenges of NAM – Non-Aligned Movement and the bipolarity. Political Science Class 12 in the CBSE curriculum also states about the approaches to Nation Building and then on India’s External Relations, etc. It is important for the students to attentively learn and acquire the knowledge as Polity is one important aspect of the society.

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