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Poka Yoke

Poka Yoke is a Japanese term that translates to mistake proofing. This concept was first used in the manufacturing sector to reduce human errors. However, soon other industries like service and healthcare, and software engineering also started applying the concept of poka yoke. Soon after, this theory was adopted by the education sector to improve the quality of knowledge provided to students. Poka yoke is all about ensuring quality in every field it is applied to. The concept when applied to the education industry aims to reduce the disparity in the education system. One of the classroom activities where this concept can be applied is the assessment and evaluation of students. Teachers can use poka yoke to mistake proof assignments. It is an effective way to enhance productivity and maintain classroom decorum. 

The concept is divided into two approaches, namely the control approach and the warning approach. 

  • Control approach: It refers to the system where the defects are controlled until a correction takes place. 
  • Warning approach: It signals the operator to take a corrective measure and avoid any disturbance. 

Some of the poka yoke examples in an educational setting are:

  • Taking attendance: When taking attendance, the chances of human errors are high. Schools can reduce the chances of omissions and errors by using automated attendance systems. 
  • Online registration: When registering a student for multiple courses, educators and other administrative staff may make errors. With online registration, the chances of such defaults are corrected. 

These are some of the examples where school administrators and other staff members can make errors. However, all these errors can be undone by adopting an effective remedial measure. 

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