Point System

The Point system is a grading system used in educational institutions. Points are usually awarded for tests and exams conducted in schools and colleges. The changes in NEP (New Education Policy) and education reform have changed the examination process. 

Earlier, the percentage and marks were awarded for the academic exams. The point-based grading system is done for extra-curricular activities and classroom activities. 

The point range is divided into different category gradings. The point range indicates where one stands on the knowledge and skills scale. The overall points can vary from below average to above average. 

This system is quite different from the new evaluation system known as absolute grading. The point system is designed to promote the students in higher classes based on the evaluation of results obtained in the GPA

The evaluation of performance based on the grades helps in assessing the overall success of the course. The point score system is used throughout the certificate program. Different education systems have different grade calculation systems based on the policies determined by particular states. 

The points system also helps in determining the eligibility for higher studies and college transfer. The point-based evaluation helps in easy comparison and analysis of the performance of various students. The PTA (parent-teacher association) also supports the preparations of the final report card based on the system. 

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