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Plenary Meaning

Plenary Meaning

The term ‘plenary meaning’ is something that is searched for quite a lot in the context of education. A plenary is used by teachers either during or at the end of a lesson, as a means of reviewing aims and consolidating the students’ learning. It is a part of a lesson that is evaluative, where students reflect on what they have learned during that teaching period. In addition, it can be a time to celebrate hard work and good outcomes.

Planning engaging lessons is vital to being a good teacher, and a major part of it is that the students need to be engaged from the start of every lesson. Teachers are encouraged to start with a hook that grabs the attention of the students. This could be done by starting class by asking a question, introducing an image, or making them listen to music – whatever it takes to introduce the topic and then provoke further questions.

Similarly, the plenary of a lesson is important as students must not only understand what progress they have made in class but also be able to demonstrate what they learned. One of the most common mistakes teachers make is not taking the time and effort for a plenary. It is something that cannot and should not be rushed, and certainly not be a last-minute add-on.
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