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Plagiarism is a word used to describe the stealing and copying down the ideas, thoughts, content of another person. The original ideas are protected by copyright laws and can not be copied by any other person without consent.

The e-learning curriculums have increased plagiarised content among students. The everyday classroom activities such as completing assignments, research works, and reports are copied by the students. The online plagiarism software helps in detecting the uniqueness of the content. 

Here are some common examples of matters that are considered plagiarism. If students copy down the content of some website as it is in their assignments, or copying words, quotations, or image content without mentioning the source. The change of words or rephrasing the words is also considered plagiarised. 

Digital learning needs to have a robust team teaching that ensures that there is no plagiarism in online learning, assignments, and homework of the learners. The educationists check out the exam papers submitted by the students online to test the level of cheating and copied content. 

Plagiarism free content helps in the development of experiential learning among the students. It ensures the execution of the right teaching and impartment of the right knowledge in scholars. Most of the cases can be avoided by citing the right source of the content. 

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World's First AI-Enabled Connected Classroom Technology