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Placement Cell

A placement cell exists in most of the colleges. It plays a very important role, by maintaining contact with reputable organisations and industrial establishments, a Placement Cell plays a critical role in discovering work prospects for Undergraduates and Postgraduates graduating from the college. The Placement Cell is open all year to make connections between employers and graduates.

Some colleges have placement cells that assist students in preparing for a better future. They provide support to graduate and undergraduate students through Career Counselling, Workshops, Mock Interviews, Trainings, Internships and Industrial Visits, and also On-Campus Placements for Jobs. 

These placement cells have employed knowledgeable counsellors who are up to date on industry trends. They also offer counselling and coaching for various career opportunities, including placements, entrepreneurship, and higher education. By consulting them you will be able to share your ideas with them, and they will be able to direct you in the proper route.

The cell enlightens  on the needs through monthly workshops before developing the talents and driving students into the sector. These courses provide students with information on themes such as creating an impressive CV using cutting-edge tools and approaches, using various programmes, and so on. 

Interviews are a hard task for some, while they are child’s play for others. Without a doubt, it is all part of our nature, but with the right strategy, it may be transformed. Now, those strategies that pave the way to success are in the hands of the placement cell team, they know what needs to be done. As a result, with the help of mock interviews, student’s anxiousness gets lessened, and they are able to improve on their weak areas. Placement cells in college prepare students to deal with their future endeavors and struggles. 

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