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PII Full Form

PII full form is personally identifiable information. It is data or information used to identify a person. Some examples of PII are the bank account number, Aadhaar number, passport number, and email address. All these details serve as the personally identifiable information of a person or group of people. The term is used to describe the context of privacy, data breaches, or identity thefts. 

If a company or a person suffers a data breach, it may mean that the PII of that company or person is compromised. However, before delving deeper into the technicality of this term, understanding PII full form is crucial. Schools can also use the PII to identify their students. They can provide a unique number to every student and establish a mechanism for identifying students. Likewise, corporate companies are also eligible to use the PII for identification purposes. They can provide a fixed identity number to their employees for accessing the office space.

In schools, PII can be used to provide an identity to students. The student data collected by schools, districts, and local government is crucial to understand the identity of students. If these data are misplaced or used accurately, it might harm the reputation of students. Therefore, schools should ensure data privacy.

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