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Physical education Class 12 syllabus

Physical education class 12 syllabus is easy. Students should know the Physical education class 12 syllabus. Physical Education is a science that incorporates both theories and practice. The theoretical section consists of ten units. A practical test entails a variety of physical challenges. Students can earn good marks on this topic if they prepare properly. The second chapter of the Physical Education Class 12 syllabus covers balanced diet, macro and micro nutrition, diet for weight control, dieting risks, and other topics. The activity section will aid students by helping them develop their knowledge in these areas. Yoga has the potential to make a significant change in a person’s life, as students will learn in this chapter. Here, they learn about various asanas and their health benefits. In this chapter, students will learn about a variety of disabilities as well as the distinction between disability and disorder. They also learn about the reasons and nature of the disability, as well as the associated etiquette. Students also study how to make Physical Education accessible to students with disabilities. This section teaches students about many elements of motor development in women and children, as well as exercise recommendations for various stages of development. It then goes on to explain what sports injuries are and how they are classed. It also looks into the effects of ageing on an individual’s physiology. This chapter covers the psychological aspects of sports, as well as various personalities and their types, as well as characteristics.

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