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PhD Duration

PhD Duration

A lot of people ask what is the duration of PhD or in how much time or years can an individual complete their PhD. Let us first understand what PhD is. Ph.D. stands for Doctor of Philosophy. A Ph.D. is a doctoral research degree and is considered the highest level of education qualification that one can achieve. The development of this particular course emerged with education reforms and development. The time duration of PhD or PhD duration is approximately four to six years totally depending upon individual to individual. The PhD program helps build logical reasoning and validate the classroom curriculum via analysis and data gathering. It has been perceived as a higher learning-teaching process. The program includes academic research and better knowledge management. There are many Universities that provide PhD course. DU, JNU, Ambedkar University, etc. to name a few. DU PhD and JNU PhD are very famous courses. DU or Delhi University is considered to be one of the most renowned and good universities in India. The University has more than seventy five colleges that are all affiliated to University of Delhi and a few colleges of University of Delhi do offer the PhD course. Another famous University JNU, Students who want to do a JNU PhD should have a master’s degree. It does not mean that for JNU PhD only a Master’s degree is enough. Pupils need to have a proper idea about the process of admission to JNU PhD. There is a requirement of knowledge, a person who does not have deep knowledge about the topic can not do PhD. 


1- Is a master’s degree compulsory to pursue PhD?

Answer- Yes, a candidate must hold a master’s degree in order to do PhD.

2- What is the full form of PhD?

Answer- The full form of PhD is Doctor of Philosophy.

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