PGT Eligibility

The PGT eligibility criteria are quite simplified and clear but let’s know everything about PGT first and then move on towards a deep understanding of PGT eligibility criteria. PGT is an abbreviation used for post-graduate teachers. The post-graduate teachers teach students of senior secondary or higher secondary. It is also known as secondary school teaching. A lot of people search for the PGT Full form. It is a highly sought-after position. The training and degree in this field will help them understand the education system and will also help them to get a better understanding of their duties and responsibilities. The duties and responsibilities of a PGT are similar to that of a school teacher. However, it is more defined. The PGT follows the principles of teaching and teaches according to the programmed instructions of the institution that they are a part of. The qualified post-graduate teachers have good hands-on training experience in teaching. They have the same qualified teacher status and are eligible to prepare lesson plans and help bring technology into education.

The PGT eligibility criteria say that-

  • As per the PGT eligibility criteria, a candidate must have passed their 12th standard from a recognized board. The candidate must have scored a minimum of 50% marks in their intermediate. 
  •  A candidate must hold a graduate degree from a recognized university.
  • A candidate must hold a B.Ed degree or an equivalent degree from a recognized university.
  •  The applicant must have a post-graduate degree from a recognized university.
  • The maximum age limit for the PGTs as per PGT eligibility criteria is 40 years.
  • The candidate must have proficiency in both English as well Hindi in order to be a good PGT.

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